About Us

Our idea is simple:  We want you to enjoy your car, and that’s why we are here to care for it. It’s about headache-free help for your vehicle, all under one bonnet roof

In Jade auto we spanned the best traits of independent workshop with renewed dealer’s service centre. You are always welcome here, and we are happy to answer to all your questions. It doesn’t matter what are you coming to us with – you and your car will always be taken care of professionally and individually.  For your peace of mind, our team will keep you fully informed, every step of the way. We don’t just care for car, we also care for our customers that’s why we never replace or repair anything without asking you.

Meet Us Closer


If you ask Jonathan what he does he will answer you “It's not about what I do - It's about why I do it- and I do it because I love it”. And that’s true - Jon loves fixing cars and he is good at it, very good.
He will never give your keys back if he is not sure that your car is safe and in good condition. If there is a problem he cannot diagnose straight away, he is gonna think about it constantly until he finds the cause. And then whatever it takes to fix it. Fun fact: He likes to play hide and seek with his tools and often gets " is this yours" text from his customers.


Job title: Office Manager Skills: Multitasking, problem-solving, coffee-making, fire-fighting, and sarcasm. Summary: Klaudia is the glue that holds the Business together. She is responsible for everything from accounts, managing schedules to sourcing parts and keeping the morale high. She is always ready to lend a hand, crack a joke and share a coffee. She is also the master of the paper shredder. 
Fun fact: She has a secret stash of Polish chocolate in hidden desk drawer, which never gets shared but often stolen.


Job title: Almost Mechanic Skills: Fixing cars, breaking cars (his own), learning from mistakes and getting dirty. Summary: Chase is Jonathan's right hand in the workshop helping with servicing cars, organizing tools and learning about the new technologies coming up in the automotive industry. He is also obsessed with cars and always looking for new gadgets to make his own cars extra special.


Job title: Apprentice Mechanic Skills: Breaking things, fixing things, breaking things again, learning from YouTube.  Summary: Maya is the newest and youngest member of our team. She has a passion for cars and to gain hands-on experience in the automotive industry. Maya is always curious and enthusiastic about her work and improving her skills and knowledge. Fun fact: Maya's goal in life is to own a Land Cruiser with big wheels, raised suspension and resprayed in the colour periwinkle.